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Dr. Mark S. Silverberg

Dr. Mark S. Silverberg MD PhD FRCPC is the Founder and Director of the Toronto Immune and Digestive Health Institute, our state of the art, intensive, patient-centred, integrative ambulatory program for patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, pelvic pouches, microscopic colitis and other digestive and immune disorders.

He is a Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada certified gastroenterologist taking care of patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and with other digestive disorders for more than 20 years.

He is a global expert in his field having been elected to the prestigious International Organization for the Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IOIBD) in 2011. He has been recognized with numerous awards, visiting professorships and invited talks around the world having provided more than 150 lectures internationally in his career. He has been an author of over 170 original, published research articles with a career h-index over 70.

He completed his gastroenterology training at the University of Toronto in 1997 and received his PhD studying genetic and other causes of IBD in 2002 at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. He is currently a Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto and a gastroenterologist at Mount Sinai Hospital and University Health Network.

He leads a large and active laboratory and clinical research program to understand the causes of IBD, develop tools to improve the management of patients with IBD and to identify novel therapies for IBD.  His research is currently funded by grants from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK/NIH) and Crohn’s and Colitis Canada (CCC). His recent research has focused on understanding the role of nutrition and diet on the course and treatment of IBD.

Dr. Silverberg has made significant contributions to the discovery of genes related to IBD as well as being a major contributor to the field of classification of IBD (The Montreal Classification). He has taken leadership positions on several international collaborative efforts with the goal of expediting scientific progress in the field of IBD. These include the International IBD Consortium and the NIDDK/NIH IBD Consortium. He has served as Chair of the Scientific and Medical Advisory Council of Crohn’s and Colitis Canada and as Chair of the IBD Section of the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) Council.

Dr. Silverberg is also actively engaged in educating health care professionals on IBD through his role as Founder of the Advanced IBD Fellowship Program at Mount Sinai training more than 20 gastroenterologists in the care of IBD from countries such as: Australia, Ireland, England, Israel, Korea, Chile and Saudi Arabia. He is also co-director of both the Canadian GI Fellows Program in IBD and the Great Lakes IBD Forum.

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