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Nutrition and Gut Health | Toronto Immune & Digestive Health Institute | Canada

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine, a holistic approach to gut health and wellbeing

Naturopathic medicine offers a personalized approach to patient care, utilizing scientific advances and current research, guided by principles that emphasize disease prevention and the body’s healing capacity through the use of natural therapies.


Using a multi-modal approach, we properly evaluate your medical history, current symptoms, and goals to create the right plan of care for your individual needs. Targeting the physical, mental and emotional impact of health we use diet, supplements, acupuncture, and lifestyle modifications to help you reach your optimum health. 

This program can be accessed with or without a gastroenterology/medical referral. For regular patients of TIDHI, the naturopathic medicine program will be fully integrated into your medical history and supervised by a gastroenterologist in partnership with the Naturopathic Doctor that works with our Institute.

Amateur and Elite Athlete Nutrition Program with Integration of Gut Microbiome Science at TIDHI | Toronto Immune & Digestive Health Institute | Canada
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