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About TIDHI | Toronto Immune & Digestive Health Institute | Canada



Find out why we're more than just an excellent digestive health centre. 

Expert Care for Patients with Health Concerns & Chronic Immune Disease | TIDHI | Canada

Expert Care for Patients with Digestive Health Concerns & Chronic Immune Disease

The Toronto Immune and Digestive Health Institute (TIDHI) is a unique integrative, multi-disciplinary and holistic digestive health centre staffed by experts in gastroenterology, digestive health and wellness and nutrition. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive approach to managing gut health that focuses on the person and not just the patient.

We are particularly focused on providing advanced care to individuals with Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), pelvic pouches, and stomas.

Our modern and bright endoscopy centre is available for those that require colonoscopy/gastroscopy for early cancer screening and detection or digestive symptoms in a convenient and easily accessible location.

Health Care Services

Our services include consultations and follow up with medical specialists, colonoscopy and gastroscopy, on-site IV and injection centre for medications and supplements, urgent referrals, access to clinical trial medications, mental health and wellness programs with a focus on digestive disease and an advanced nutrition program for anyone with concerns about how their food and diet are impacting their health.


Uniquely, our program will provide an approach that integrates all of our services to develop the best care plan possible with the convenience of a single location.


Our staff are experienced gastroenterologists, nurses, psychologists, social workers and registered dietitians who will work together to develop a program to give you the best possible quality of life.


* Please note that not all of our services and programs are covered by Ontario Health Insurance (OHIP).

Inquire with our staff here for further information.

Health Care Services | TIDHI | Canada

Enhanced Nutrition Program for Optimal Digestive Health

The staff at TIDHI have recognized expertise in the integration of diet and the gut microbiome with health outcomes. We provide a scientifically-based, personalized nutrition program for the optimization of digestive wellness for all individuals and for those with special needs such as IBD, immune disorders (rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, psoriasis), chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), polyp and colon cancer prevention, and more. 


This program will be fully integrated into your medical history and supervised by a gastroenterologist. It can be accessed with or without a gastroenterology/medical referral. For regular patients of TIDHI, the nutrition program will be fully integrated into your medical history
and supervised by a gastroenterologist in partnership with registered dietitians and nutritionists that work with our Institute.

Naturopathic Medicine, a holistic approach to gut health and wellbeing

Naturopathic medicine offers a personalized approach to patient care, utilizing scientific advances and current research, guided by principles that emphasize disease prevention and the body’s healing capacity through the use of natural therapies.


Using a multi-modal approach, we properly evaluate your medical history, current symptoms, and goals to create the right plan of care for your individual needs. Targeting the physical, mental and emotional impact of health we use diet, supplements, acupuncture, and lifestyle modifications to help you reach your optimum health. 

This program can be accessed with or without a gastroenterology/medical referral. For regular patients of TIDHI, the naturopathic medicine program will be fully integrated into your medical history and supervised by a gastroenterologist in partnership with the Naturopathic Doctor that works with our Institute.

Amateur and Elite Athlete Nutrition Program with Integration of Gut Microbiome Science | TIDHI | Canada
Behavioral Health and Wellness, Mental Health Support | TIDHI | Canada

Behavioral Health

& Wellness,

Mental Health Support

Individuals affected by chronic digestive disease, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and other digestive health conditions suffer from a high rate of anxiety, depression, chronic pain and addiction and other behavioural health issues compared to the general population. Even when illnesses are in “remission” these aspects of health are often challenging and not well integrated to a medical care plan.

It is critical to address aspects of mental health, behavioural health and social adaptation to chronic illness in order to get the most out of life. A core component of the model of care at TIDHI will be the unique integration of these elements into core medical assessments and treatment.


Every patient at TIDHI will be offered the opportunity to participate in a behavioural and mental health intake program that will be uniquely tailored to individual needs.

Access to Advanced Therapies & Clinical Research Trials

Patients of TIDHI will have access to onsite infusions and injections for treatment with advanced therapies to manage immune disease administered under the supervision of expert health care personnel.

A robust clinical trial research program will be available to provide access to cutting edge medications through carefully selected programs by our experienced team for patients to try investigational agents that may be helpful for their current condition.


Clinical trials are critical to getting new therapies approved for general use and provide the opportunity to access these options before they are widely available. Please be aware that TIDHI is paid to participate in clinical trials by the sponsors to cover the costs of study-related activities.

Access to Advanced Therapies & Clinical Research Trials at Toronto Immune & Digestive Health Institute | Canada
Facilities | Toronto Immune & Digestive Health Institute, Canada


TIDHI is housed in a state of the art, modern facility designed with cleanliness, comfort and privacy as primary considerations. Our location in the Lawrence-Allen Centre (700 Lawrence Avenue West) in central Toronto makes access to the Institute convenient with free, unlimited parking and adjacent TTC/Subway access (Lawrence West Station).

Retail shops at the Lawrence-Allen Centre provide immediate access to food, shopping and other amenities. A low traffic entrance (Office East Entrance next to The Foot Institute) and an elevator serving TIDHI (3 rd Floor – Suite 360) is directly accessible from the parking lot on the south side of the mall facing Lawrence Avenue.

Our facilities include a spacious and modern reception area, 8 offices/exam rooms, 2 endoscopy procedure rooms with a large recovery area and a comfortable infusion suite with windows overlooking Toronto.

Infusion & Injection Centre

Medication infusion and injection services at TIDHI are independently provided by NKS Health Canada for the convenience of patients at TIDHI but any individuals are welcome to inquire about receiving their medications at TIDHI. Experienced pharmacists are available for
counseling on medication choices, pre-biologic screening and vaccine administration.

Utilization of the infusion service at TIDHI is completely optional and not required to have access to other TIDHI programs. Please be aware that NKS Health Canada pays rent and overhead costs to TIDHI to maintain its infusion centre on site. TIDHI and the physicians and staff working there do not receive payments for prescribing medications dispensed on site.

Infusion Centre | Toronto Immune & Digestive Health Institute (TIDHI) | Canada
Our Staff at Toronto Immune & Digestive Health Institute (TIDHI) | Canada


TIDHI staff are experts with more than 20 years of specialized training and experience in the treatment of patients with inflammatory bowel disease, digestive health and other chronic immune disorders.

In particular, our gastroenterologists have a unique focus and educational background on the management of IBD.


The other health care staff including nurses, psychologists, social workers, dietitians and administrative assistants are all specially selected for their knowledge, experience and expertise managing digestive health conditions.

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