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Expert and Comprehensive Digestive Healthcare

Intensive. Accessible. Holistic.

The Toronto Immune and Digestive Health Institute (TIDHI) is a unique integrative, multi-
disciplinary and holistic digestive health centre staffed by experts in gastroenterology, digestive
health and wellness and nutrition. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive approach to managing gut health that focuses on the person and not just the patient.


We are particularly focused on providing advanced care to individuals with crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), pelvic pouches, and stomas.

Our modern and bright endoscopy centre is available for those that require colonoscopy/gastroscopy for early cancer screening and detection or digestive symptoms in a convenient and easily accessible location.

Checking Blood Pressure

Clinical Trials

Research Program

TIDHI’s clinical trial and research network is led by physicians with university and academic hospital affiliations.


We have the expertise, experience and knowledge to enable access to advanced options when available treatments have not been effective.

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